Culture Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy 21 days of their summer vacation in a pleasant way, while being enriched by various cultural and value-based experiences, along the way. It provides for a unique and much awaited break for children. Talents Day, held at the end of the 21-day camp, showcases the participants’ newly acquired skills. The children eagerly look forward to performing on the stage. 

Event details

Event Date : Duration: 21 days – April-May
Number of participants : 2000
Age group : 3-15 years
Class groups : Pre-Nursery – Class X


  • Vedic quiz, Animation video shows
    Bhagavad-gita Shloka chanting
    Mantra meditation
  • Cultural modules like Dance,
    Theatre, Vocal Music,Yakshagana
    and Art & Craft
  • Fun games with Krishna
  • Blessed birthday
  • Talents Day

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