Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I take part in Heritage Fest?

Please fill the registration form with complete details. Select the competition(s) that you wish to take part in. Click on “Register Now”.


  1. How many contests can be chosen by the participant?

The participant may select one or multiple contests that are open for his/her particular age group.


  1. Can I register for more than one participant per transaction?

No. In one transaction you can register only one participant.


  1. How to submit the entry videos/images?

Kindly upload the entry(ies) through a google form that is provided on the submission page of our website.


  1. How to take part in the quiz?

Kindly register as per the registration process. The date, timings and other details of the Quiz event will be sent to you over an email.


  1. How will I know that I am registered in any event?

As soon as the registration is made, we will send an acknowledgement via email. This will act as a confirmation message.


  1. Have you taken measures to protect my data?

Yes, the data provided by you is fully protected. The website is secure.


  1. When will the results be announced?

The result date will be announced on the website. However the tentative date is 30th September. Also, a message will be sent to all the participants.


  1. What should I do if the payment is made but there is no confirmation email from your side?

Please write to us at [email protected]

  1. When is the last date for registration?

August 29, 2021


  1. When is the last date to submit the entries?

September 07, 2021


  1. Is there a fee to take part in Heritage Fest?

There is a nominal fee of INR 108/- per participant. The participant can take part in multiple competitions by paying this one-time fee of INR 108/-.


  1. Will there be prizes for the winners?

Yes. There are attractive prizes for the winners in each category. More than 500 prizes to be given away.


  1. Should I use any reference code while submitting the entries?

Yes. You are requested to kindly make note of the 11-digit registration id that will be sent in the acknowledgement email and mention it while submission.


  1. Are there any team events?

No. All are SOLO events.


  1. What will be the pattern of Quiz event?

The Quiz questions will be in the form of Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQ) based on the reference material mentioned in the guidelines. Relevant communication will be sent to quiz participants and also an access to a quiz link on the date of quiz.


  1. Where can I find the guidelines for each event?

The link for the guidelines is available in the registration form. The same will be sent via acknowledgement email.


  1. My child is 6-year-old. Is he going to compete with a 10-year-old child?

No. We have taken care to ensure that the competition is within the nearer age groups.

Please note that there are five categories:

Age 3-5 years

Age 6-7 years

Age 8-9 years

Age 10-12 years

Age 13-15 years

The judging will also take place as per the above categories.


You can reach us at [email protected] for any other query. Kindly keep your questions short and precise. Thank you.


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